Cycling competition is a fierce competition of speed, endurance and skill, as well as a competition of high-tech cycling equipment. The selection and development of functional fabrics is the key to the design.


    Generally speaking, riding clothes are close-fitting, which can effectively avoid joyriding. Riding clothes can help riders effectively reduce wind resistance during riding.


Cycling clothes generally use special polyester fabrics, which are not only strong, elastic, extensibility, wear resistance and durable; And has good air permeability and perspiration, can quickly discharge a lot of sweat, keep the body surface dry. High-grade cycling clothes also add invisible silver ions in polyester fiber, which can effectively reduce bacterial growth and deodorize. This will not be covered in sweat, which is not the general clothing can achieve.

   Wearing cycling clothes also has many improvements to safety, mainly reflected in two aspects.

   One is that the color of cycling clothes is generally bright, and some of them are also designed with reflections, which can make you more conspicuous and make it easier for others to find you, greatly increasing safety. When riding on the road, car drivers and pedestrians can see you clearly from far away, and try to avoid traffic accidents.

   Another is that wearing cycling clothes will not affect cycling. If you wear normal loose clothes, it is likely to cause interference to cycling. Of course, cycling clothes can also play a certain protection role when falling off the bike.


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   The function of cycling clothing is: super moisture discharge, breathable, both quick drying, anti-wear, anti-uv functions, but also can quickly drain hot humidity out of the body to regulate body temperature.


   Cycling pants are generally made of elastic lycra fabric that clings to the skin to reduce friction between legs and cycling pants and prevent chafing on the inner thighs. It also has good perspiration and air permeability.

  Trousers material

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   Most importantly, there are special quick-dry breathable cotton pads in the crotch to reduce and relieve pressure on the lower body, It can also prevent accumulation of leg sweat.

   The design of cycling clothes is also more suitable for cycling. For example, the sleeves are usually slightly longer, so that the length of the sleeves will be just right when riding. And will also design some pockets, small things are also very convenient and practical.